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      The central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) is the master control system of the body. It is responsible for the operation of all bodily functions and maintaining homeostasis (the highly organized balancing of the body's internal environment).  Every system of the body is dependent on this nerve supply.

     The spinal cord is surrounded by moveable vertebra for both protection and mobility.  Due to poor physical postures, stresses, injuries, micro traumas, etc., the muscles attached to the spine begin to move the vertebra out of their normal alignment causing them to interfere with the spinal nerve transmission.  This is called a subluxation.   Over time these subluxations lead to abnormal functioning of the spine and body which cause symptoms such as back and neck aches, neuritis, fatigue, headaches, and sciatica.  This leads to a lowered resistance to sickness and disease and the individual cannot function to his fullest potential. The longer this condition exists, the farther down the road it leads to poor health.   

     The chiropractor has the necessary skill to locate subluxations and gently adjust the misaligned vertebra back toward their normal position.  As a result the pressure on the nerves is relieved and they are once again able to fully transmit their messages so the entire body is restored to a state of optimal health.    

Massage Therapy


Achieve total body relaxation and stress reduction.

Improve joint flexibility and muscular function.

Relieve sore muscle and joints (concentration given to problem areas for the most effective relief and recovery).

Massage therapy is an excellent adjunct to chiropractic care.

Massage therapy can also help strengthen the immune system, increase circulation, relieve pain and stiffness for athletes, increase mobility and speed the healing process for those recovering from surgery or injury, relieve chronic back pain, ease women through pregnancy, stretch muscle, ligaments, tendons and fascia and inhibit muscle spasm.


Types of massage offered:


Swedish: circular motions of varying intensities for an overall feeling of well being, release tension, increase energy and pain relief.


Myofascial release: for freedom of joint movement and improved emotional balance.


Deep Tissue: for greater ease of body movement; enables the body to stay healthy and fight disease.


Sports Massage: specialized massage to decrease muscular soreness and to improve and enhance physical performance.


Reflexology: specific reflex points on the feet and hands are massagted to help the body regain its natural balance and health by stimulating the circulation in the blood and lymphatic systems (especially useful for migraines, sinus trouble and constipation).


Medical Massage: specific massage used to treat injuries as well as chronic conditions.



Personal Fitness Training



We will help you achieve your goals:


body shaping; weight management; muscular strength; exercise adherence; improving health, lifesyle, diet, self-image; aerobic improvement; psychological health; performance health (athletic and artistic).




 1. Corporate Fitness (for business people, executives, managers, office workers...):

     Not enough time to work out?  We will give you a routine you can fit around or during your busy schedule.  I know it seems impossible sometimes but don't worry, we will give you techniques (or 'tricks') to fit right in. 


 2. Seniors:

     Too old to work out?  Nonsense!  The older you get the greater the need for physical fitness and develop independence.


 3. For those who are beginners / sedentary / lazy / too heavy / too skinny / never ever worked out / can't stick to a schedule / too out-of-shape / hopeless:

     We'll help you keep motivated; and it's never too late to begin.  And remember, this is conditioning which means mind/body control into a gradual increase in fitness levels.  You will develop a fitness lifestyle step by step as your metabolic rate increases.


 4. Sports conditioning:

     Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just picking up a sport for the first time, or somewhere in between; we'll show you methods specifically designed to help you get in shape and keep you competitive.  For high school, college, semi-pros, pros, weekend warrior wanna-bees and leisure/recreationals. 


 5. Performance conditioning

     Performing artists, musicians, vocalists, dancers, actors and acrobats have special needs  (repetitive joint movements both dynamic and subtle, postural stability, injury prevention, proper breathing, fixing poor habits). 



     Also fitness for:  pregnancy and post partum, weight management, youth fitness, post re-hab, disabilities and medical conditions.


Sessions last about 60 minutes.


Better if you work out with a friend! ( discounts for groups of 2 or more - pricing at the front desk)









Stress Reduction

'HOW TO LAUGH AT LIFE' workshop with Sallyann Amato


Sallyann will show you how to feel better about even the most serious of situations.  Whatever your circumstances are there is a way to lighten up. 

This is a mind blowing experience and you are guaranteed to feel better emotionally upon leaving the office.  Most people have said they view the world differently as a result and have actually giggled out loud when confronted with stress.



AIS is a dynamic system for improving your flexibility and overall well-being.  Stretching your muscles not only reduces your chance of injury but also strengthens your tendons and improves your circulation.

HYPNOTHERAPY with Marc Drucker

 ACUPUNCTURE with Jackie Knapp

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