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352  77TH St., Brooklyn, New York 11209

              DR. NICK GOES MOBILE---Literally!


     For the past several weeks I have devoted each Wednesday for making 'on-site' visits to patients at their homes and offices.  So far this new program has proved to be very successful and will continue on a regular basis covering Nassau, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Is.

     I will still see patients at the Brooklyn office on Wednesdays but by appointment only.  Since I'll be covering a lot of ground that day appointments should be made in advance.

     The establishment of this program is a result of continuous requests by patients old and new who either could not leave their home or jobs in time to get to my office, live too far or have disabilities preventing them to get the needed care.

     For the past 30 years as a chiropractor I have always made on-site calls to patients but this is the first time I will be doing this on a regular basis.

     This change does not affect office hours on any other day and on-site calls are still available in Manhattan and Long Island on Mondays and Fridays.

     The experience so far has shown that the on-site visits allow for a more rewarding experience for both doctor and patient:

1. more 'face' time allows for greater value and quality of care.

2. better doctor-patient relationship and therefore a higher level of service given.

3. the time spent is uninterrupted and the patient is in a more comfortable setting.

4. accessibiltiy and convenience; you do not have to leave your home or office; no worries about parking, weather, driving, commuting, waiting----NO HASSLES!

     I can visit you at your home, office, studio or health club.  All equipment is portable and just requires a small space to set up.  Fees may vary depending on location.  Discounts for 2 or more people at the same site.

     For an appointment or for further details please call the office at 718-680-8080 or send a text to 917-455-0495 or email:


Dr. NICHOLAS ROZAKIS                                                                        8114 Third Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. 11209

Chiropractor                                                                                           1600 York Ave., New York, N.Y. 10028

Fitness Consultant                                                                                           718-680-8080  /  917-455-0495








                                        SUMMER 2014


                                      WE'VE EXPANDED OUR SERVICES


BAY RIDGE CHIROPRACTIC CENTER has added a NEW LOCATION in Manhattan's Upper East Side.

Located together with Full Moon Acupuncture at 1600 York Ave. and offering quality chiropractic care on Mondays and Fridays.

For appointments at the new location you can call Sallyann at the Brooklyn Office 718-680-8080 or

Dr. Nick's direct number 917-455-0495.

NEW HOURS in Brooklyn are: Tues. & Thurs. (10AM – 7PM), Wed. (3PM – 7PM), Sat. (10AM – 3PM)

The York Ave. Office has proved to be quite convenient for some of our Brooklyn Office patients who commute from New Jersey or work/live in Manhattan or northern Queens.


                                                        NEW WEBSITES TOO!





                                 Find us on Facebook: Bay Ridge Chiropractic Center





                                              BAY RIDGE CHIROPRACTIC CENTER


  • Custom Fitness Program (see below)

  • Personal training    - with Joey

  • Senior fitness         - with Dr. Nick

  • Massage therapy, Seated yoga/flexibility improvement workshop, Qigong exercise and

  • Therapeutic taping - with Charlie


  • Acupuncture and Nutrition - with Jackie

  • Hypnotherapy                    - with Marc

  • Attitude Workshop             - with Sallyann

  • New Custom Orthotics to stabilize gait, reduce ankle pronation and eliminate stress from the feet and ankles up to the knees, pelvis and spine.



     We believe a gradual approach is the best approach for one to build a solid foundation in order to maximize overall health and fitness potential.

     We like to call this approach Everlasting Fitness because it is a process in which we help our patients develop a lifestyle to achieve optimum health and continue that way for life!

      It is a methodical transition integrating flexibility, cardio and resistance exercises to change your body without experiencing injury.

     During this process, chiropractic adjustments are given on a regular basis to enhance your results, keep your spine flexible and improve the function of your nerve system.

     We will work with you and give you the necessary techniques to correct your posture, your gait and your breathing.

     Also the development of sound eating habits and nutritional guidelines are worked into the program to increase your energy and help control your weight. Stress reduction therapies such as   massage, hypnotherapy, Qigong and other workshops are also included in the program.

     See Programs page for more information.







As the summer months approach we instinctively take advantage of the warmer weather   and get out to participate in recreational activities and exercise more often. Many injuries occur at this time of year because the muscles are not yet conditioned to accommodate for the increased activity. So warm-ups and stretches, when done the right way and at the right time are necessary to prepare our bodies for the increased demand. The muscles need to become 'loose' enough to accommodate for the added stress to the joints.

      Warm-ups can include light cardio like walking or stationary bike at a moderate pace to elevate the heart rate. Dynamic stretches too like lunges, arm swings or jumping jacks.  This will raise your body temperature to prepare for more vigorous activity.  It reduces injury and muscle pulls, improves performance and efficiency and increases speed of movement. It also decreases post muscle soreness by increasing oxygen and nutrients to your muscles, eliminating waste products and helps lubrication of joints.

      Stretching following exercise or later on in the day will maintain flexibility, help correct posture and help prevent restrictions to your range of motion.

     Also, the need for chiropractic care becomes increasingly important at this time to help improve coordination and balance, extend range of motion, restore function, achieve greater mental focus, increase energy, help mobilize already injured joints especially in the spinal column and to prevent joint deterioration and muscle atrophy.









                                 Take a summer getaway to beautiful Lake Placid, N.Y.  Enjoy the lake, the mountains, the fresh air, the great food, the Olympic Center and the shops. Pay a visit to SUNNY ROZAKIS' popular underground style retro-boutique and Laundromat 'Loot & Launder' right on Main St. where you can browse through a wide assortment of nostalgic and unusual clothing and merchandise. You can do your laundry there too! For accommodations Sunny recommends the Golden Arrow Resort By The Lake and mention her name for a great deal!                 







                          WITHIN THE LAW:

     Playing throughout the month of June this terrific Off- Off Broadway show at the METROPOLITAN PLAYHOUSE features CHRISTIAN ROZAKIS along with a superb cast.  Check out reviews in

THE NEW YORK TIMES Arts Section/Theater. THIS IS A MUST SEE!  You won't be disappointed!

                            For Tickets:   Or Call 800-838-3006





     We mourn the loss of a dear friend, father, grandfather, mentor, consultant, who was always available when needed and always brought happiness; Sallyann's dad, BERNARD AMATO; we celebrate his life and honor him in death; his spirit lives on in our hearts always. For your sympathy and prayers, we thank you all.










NUTRITIONAL  NOTE:     Omega-3 fatty acids found in fatty, cold water fish like salmon, sardines, herring, char, trout and nuts like walnuts, Brazil and pistachio have been shown to reduce the size of tumors and enhance the positive effects of some chemotherapy drugs.
     Omega-3 is a major component of brain gray matter and of the retina in most mammalian species and is considered essential for normal neurological and cellular developments. The researchers found that DHA (a component of Omega-3's) acts by reducing leukocytosis (white blood cell accumulation), systemic inflammation, and oxidative stress - all processes that have been linked with tumor growth.





     The Community of Bay Ridge is delighted that Dr. Nick will NOT be singing at the 3rd Ave. Summer Stroll this time. But you can CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE for upcoming engagements with the legendary nostalgic rock group, JUST US and Long Island pop band, HART & SOUL.

      Also, keep an eye out for outstanding performances with DR. NICK’S WIFE, exciting jazz vocalist,

NANCY VALENTINE, who also features distinguished jazz headliners in her shows.








"The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential.....these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence."

                                                     Confucius (Chinese teacher, politician, philosopher)


"May all your pains become cham-pagnes."

                                   Sallyann Amato (chiropractic assistant, counselor, philosopher).







                                                     CHIROPRACTIC MISSION STATEMENT


     We believe that being healthy is everyone's God-given birthright. Our purpose is to help our patients achieve the level of health they deserve by providing excellent chiropractic care, eliminating interference to the nerve system and to allow the body to express optimum physical well being. We are committed to improving the lives of all the people we touch; to serve, support and educate our patients and our community to the benefits of good spinal health.




12/30/13. This week's office hours in Bay Ridge: Tues 10-7, Wed. closed (Happy New Year!), Thurs. 10-7, Sat. 10-3. In Manhattan: Mon & Fri. by appointment starting at 2 PM. Don't forget Holiday Gift Certificates still available; Any dollar amount toward Chiropractic care; also fitness training and massage therapy; all at discounted prices through 12/31; Give the gift of health to someone you love; makes a great belated holiday gift; you can even give it to yourself!

 2/4/14  Closed tomorrow, Wednesday 2/5 due to weather scare. Anticipating full day Thurs from 10-7. Will keep you posted. Hey, Brooklynites: Manhattan patients had no problem getting to office during smowstorm Mon. Let's show them how it's done in Bay Ridge on Thurs. I'll provide hot chocolate, coffee, tea...but call ahead of time just in case.

 9/27, 28, 29  Dr. Nick triple header weekend...performing with Hart & Soul at Callaghan's (East Meadow) Friday 9/27 at 9:30, Eleanor's Lounge (Bohemia) Sat.9/28 at 9:00, Lindenhurst Library Sun. 9/29 at 2-3:30I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.​

Thursday night was a great success.  Packed house, band sounded great, Nancy was awesome.  A big THANK YOU to all our patients, friends and family who attended.  Way to go Nancy Valentine!




9/19/13 Hope you've been having a splendid summer. Just a little more to go. If you're in town on Thursday, September 19th, my wife, Nancy Valentine, will be performing the Billy Strayhorn repetoire with some very special guests at St. Peter's Church. So come on down and share this evening with us.

 My very best to you all,

 Dr. Nick










Season Opener Concert/PartyLive music & refreshmentsTHURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 19TH, 20137:30PMNANCY VALENTINE, VocalistWITH SPECIAL GUESTWARREN VACHÉ, CORNETFEATURING:John di Martino - PianoNeal Miner - BassAlvin Atkinson, Jr.- DrumsJoel Frahm - Tenor SaxSAINT PETER'S CHURCH54th Street & Lexington Avenue , NYC212-935-2200www.thedukeellingtonsociety.orgFree for membersSuggested Donations$10.00 for students$20.00 for nonmembers

(Click Photo To Go To Website)



Nancy Valentine is a straight-ahead jazz vocalist who weaves an emotional story with each song. She gets deeply intimate with the intent of the composer making the music a memorable experience to take home with you.........truly, a lovely, Lovesome Thing!!!!!

Nancy Valentine’s sumptuous voice is THE perfect garment for Billy Strayhorn’s melodies!
John di Martino composer, arranger, jazz pianist

Nancy Valentine sings Strayhorn with a depth of feeling which the music demands! She shades his melodies with multicolored blues and tells their stories with a subtle, lyrical honesty inviting you into the music. This is a special one!
Tamir Hendelman jazz pianist, arranger, composer, educator

Nancy Valentine is a consummate professional with a unique approach in her delivery of lyrics. She is also fun to work with and her singing encompasses perfection and warmth.
Jim Czak engineer – Nola Recording Studios, NYC

Nancy has a wonderful feeling and I love her voice. I think she sounds great!
Sheila Jordan jazz vocalist

Nancy has a vision of how a song is supposed to go and she makes it happen that comes out that way. The only other singer that does that is Annie Ross. No singer sings like that anymore. No singer sings like that today....perfectionist!
Warren Vache jazz cornetist, educator

It’s rare to meet such a combination of a voice this beautiful with a person behind it so disciplined yet passionate. Add to this, carefully selected sets of some of the best music ever written and you have Nancy Valentine and the gig you can’t miss. She’s the real thing!
Boris Koslov jazz bassist, Mingus Big Band, Mingus Dynasty

As an expressive, tasteful and versatile jazz singer, Nancy has a very appealing voice that is quite haunting. She is a perfect match for the music of Billy Strayhorn. A memorable singer who is poised to make an important impact on the music scene.
Scott Yanow jazz commentator, writer, reviewer, editor




Nancy has the essence of a very accomplished musician. Her intuition, bona fide musicianship and tons of soul, skills most technically gifted musicians would trade in a minute for just an ounce of Nancy’s expression. What she has can’t be taught!
Bob Stoloff jazz vocalist, Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music, Mass.




9/19/13 (Thursday) the office will be closed today for chiropractic care. (see below)

9/8/13 Dr. Nick performing at the Ferragusto Event with 'Just Us', NYC's favorite oldies group featuring chiropractic patients Looouie V., Big Joey, and Johnny the bassman along with Incredible Johnny and Uncle Eric at the Bronx's Little Italy, Arthur Ave, Belmont section of the Bronx . One show only at 3:00 (time of show may not be exact due to tight scheduling of acts). Check out Bronx's Little Italy facebook page or 'Just Us Entertainment'

It is my sincere pleasure to announce that Jacqueline Luna-Knapp of Full Moon Acupuncture will be joining us at Bay Ridge Chiropractic Center beginning Sept. 9, 2013 on Mondays.  Her incredible knowledge of Eastern healing arts will be a tremendous asset to our practice.  Welcome Jackie!


It is an honor to be affiliated with Dr. Douglas and Jackie Knapp, two who are extremely knowledgable and experienced in their field of acupuncture and Chinese medicine.  I am grateful to be part of their establishment and committed to give the very best of my abilities as a chiropractor to compliment the already outstanding achievements they have made.



Dr. Rozakis will be extending his chiropractic practice into Manhattan located at Full Moon Acupuncture, 1600 York Ave. (bet. 84th & 85th Sts.) and will be seeing patients there on Mondays and Fridays.  

Sun. 7/28, Patient Day Out. Join Dr. Nick and New York's favorite oldies group, the original 'Just Us' at 'Place To Beach' restaurant, right off the boardwalk of Coney Is.  Featuring Big Joey, Loooouie V., Incredible Johnny, Uncle Eric, Johnny Bassman and yours truly Dr. Nick.  Have a Nathan's hot dog, go on the Cyclone, take a dip in the ocean and enjoy great music.  Two shows: 1PM & 3PM.  Hope to see you there.

Regarding the 3rd Ave. Summer Stroll Fri night: We were hot, we were sweaty; but we had FUN. We were out there with a booth intentionally to promote our Health Center but we gave the strollers-ENTERTAINMENT instead. Thanks to the talents of Christian Rozakis singing and playing acoustic guitar and backed by chiropractor Dr. Nick Rozakis on electric piano and hypnotherapist Marc Drucker who got into the act singing a few Dylan songs while acupuncturist Melanie Severo held on to enjoy the show. Thanks to our patient/friends who stopped by to say hello and to distinguished cinematographer and good friend John Romano who captured some of it on camera.​

I just want to thank Marc Drucker and Melanie & Tony Severo again for a great time at the B'klyn Chamber of Commerce Social Wed. eve at Cebu's. -how nice it was to chat with members, some who are also our patient/friends!​

On Thurs. 7/25 the office will close early (3PM) b-e-c-a-u-s-e: Dr. Nick will be appearing with Long Is. show band Hart & Soul at an outdoor evening concert series sponsored by Sayville Library.

Fri. 7/19 and Fri. 7/26: 3rd Ave. Summer Stroll.  Take a leisurely stroll along 3rd Ave. (closed to traffic!) from 6PM-10:30PM.  We will provide the music for our block (between 81st & 82nd) featuring actor/songwriter Christian Rozakis on acoustic guitar.  Feel free to chat with Dr. Nick, Mark, Joey, Sallyann, Chris and Melanie about chiropractic, physical fitness, hypnotherapy, acupuncture and related natural healing topics.

Wed. 7/17Dr. Nick Rozakis and assistant Sallyann Amato will be attending the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce social at Cebu Restuarant, 3rd Ave., Bay Ridge, Brooklyn along with hosts Marc Drucker and Melanie Severo from 7-10PM.

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