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Everlasting Fitness

a program of wellness, vitality and longevity.

a combination of exercise, chiropractic, massage, nutrition and stress reduction

Our Definition of Fitness:

Your Success !

a) Experience abundant physical health.

b) Reduction and absence of pain, discomfort, illness, and disease.

c) Experience vitality and high energy, sufficient to enable one to do

    what one wants.

d) Look attractive, fit and proud of your appearance.

e) Be capable of living a long, healthy life.

f)  Be able to participate in sports and recreational activities.

g) Have a healthy emotional and mental outlook fostered by the    

    foundation of feeling good.


Become Healthy Now And Continue

That Way For The Rest Of Your Life!




Whether you're an older adult, a teen, pregnant, suffering from chronic injury or disability, active in repetitive sports or in the performing arts everyone benefits from this.

The program combines chiropractic and physical fitness with emphasis on individuality.

Focus and attention is given to your specific needs with consideration and understanding of your particular health status.

The program includes the following:


*10  fitness sessions that combine strengthening and stretching to condition the muscles and ligaments to maintain a strong and healthy body. The sessions are supervised and usually last 30-40 minutes. 



**3 Chiropractic treatments, which include spinal adjustments and adjunctive physical therapies to improve the flexibility of the spine, improve posture and enhance the function of the nerve system - your body's 'power supply'.


Nutritional  guidelines for energy and endurance worked into your routine to reduce fatigue as you improve your metabolism and help control your weight.


***Choice of 3 stress reduction therapies, (Bay Ridge Office only) : any combination of either various Massage Therapies (including Swedish, myo-fascial release, deep tissue, sports, reflexology), Qigong, Seated Yoga, Hypnotherapy, "How To Laugh At Life" workshop, stress reducing Chiropractic Treatments, or additional Fitness Sessions. 

(For both Bay Ridge and Manhattan offices) : stress reducing chiropractic treatments or additional fitness sessions.  



Instructions for continuing the program at home.


20% discount for additional chiropractic treatments, massage therapy and accessories while on the program.


**** Call 718-680-8080 or  917-455-0495 for pricing.


Private one on one sessions.


Additional 10% off for continuing programs (must be taken within 3 months following a previous program).

Further discounts may apply!  May also be covered in part by insurance.


*minimum of one fitness session per week required.

**New patients will require an inital exam for which there is no charge. (X-rays, if necessary, are taken outside our office and are the responsibilty of the patient).

***Therapies may be subject to availability.

****Fees are not refundable but can be applied to chiropractic treatments as well as some of the other therapies. Prices are subject to change.













Gift Certificates Available!

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