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              DR. NICK GOES MOBILE---Literally!


     For the past several weeks I have devoted each Wednesday for making 'on-site' visits to patients at their homes and offices.  So far this new program has proved to be very successful and will continue on a regular basis covering Nassau, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Is.

     I will still see patients at the Brooklyn office on Wednesdays but by appointment only.  Since I'll be covering a lot of ground that day appointments should be made in advance.

     The establishment of this program is a result of continuous requests by patients old and new who either could not leave their home or jobs in time to get to my office, live too far or have disabilities preventing them to get the needed care.

     For the past 30 years as a chiropractor I have always made on-site calls to patients but this is the first time I will be doing this on a regular basis.

     This change does not affect office hours on any other day and on-site calls are still available in Manhattan and Long Island on Mondays and Fridays.

     The experience so far has shown that the on-site visits allow for a more rewarding experience for both doctor and patient:

1. more 'face' time allows for greater value and quality of care.

2. better doctor-patient relationship and therefore a higher level of service given.

3. the time spent is uninterrupted and the patient is in a more comfortable setting.

4. accessibiltiy and convenience; you do not have to leave your home or office; no worries about parking, weather, driving, commuting, waiting----NO HASSLES!

     I can visit you at your home, office, studio or health club.  All equipment is portable and just requires a small space to set up.  Fees may vary depending on location.  Discounts for 2 or more people at the same site.

     For an appointment or for further details please call the office at 718-680-8080 or send a text to 917-455-0495 or email:

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